We, at TRS Vibes, are always conscious of the sensitive nature of texts supplied to us for translation.

We recognize the trust and responsibility that has been placed in us by our customers and thus we take all the necessary measures to preserve the confidentiality of the information received and guarantee this information is not divulged.

All linguists and members of our team are bound by non-disclosure agreements stating that they will not share your information with anyone under any circumstances.
Moreover, all working papers (notes, drafts, etc.) are shredded before disposal.

Confidentiality is not an option that we can waive at our discretion.
We will be happy to sign confidentiality agreements (or NDA) for your sensitive material prior to commencing any work, upon request.


We continually seek to strengthen our data security framework to reflect the latest security threats. Here is an overview of our corporate level data security:

  • Physical (restricted access to corporate premises, servers and data storage)
  • Online (firewalls, antivirus, SSL encryption and security monitoring software)
  • Implementation, enforcement and continuous updating and monitoring of policy and procedures
  • Regular back-ups and off-site storage of data
DMC Firewall is a Joomla Security extension!