It’s all about quality. Easy to say, hard to provide!

We, at TRS Vibes, don’t leave the translation quality up to luck. In fact, we do much more than just translate your content into several languages. Our quality methodologies and procedures start at the early stages of a translation project, when it’s still unconfirmed.

Responsiveness and attitude to requests is only a small part of our standardized and documented procedures which are regularly audited to ensure optimal language quality of your localized products.

A project analysis is made regarding the client’s project specifications – language combinations, subject, volume, timeframe, costs – so as to determine the best possible solution for you.
The proper TMs, terminology DBs and style guides are prepared and samples are sent to the client for review and confirmation before the initial translation process.

Resource selection is made according to domain competency and experience of the linguists with relevant material. Assignments are made to native speakers of the target language at every stage of the translation process, including the translation itself, and proofreading. Quality Assurance checks are applied at an early stage and during the production process in terms of accuracy, terminology, language quality, style, country standards and customers’ requirements, in order to eliminate the possibility of errors at a later stage. Manual and automated checks follow – part of the regular Quality Assurance process – with the valuable assistance of technology – Quality Assurance tools.
A final quality check is performed, which is actually a final review of the translated material, we call it “final eye”, before the project is delivered to the client.

The quality procedures do not end with the delivery. An analysis is made in terms of project goals; whether these were accurately met and whether there is room for improvement in certain characteristics of the project with the valuable contribution of client’s feedback. We actually encourage our clients to give us feedback in an effort to provide them with the best quality service possible.

It’s all about quality after all. This is how we, at TRS Vibes, “translate” the word quality in the translation industry – it never stops.


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