• At TRS Vibes, we have established corporate responsibility and environmental management systems that are defined, deployed, and sustainable.
  • TRS Vibes has programs defined by its management system that controls its operations and services, as they intersect with the environment, in support of its policy commitment to environmental leadership. The above also confirm TRS Vibes compliance with applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements.
  • TRS Vibes monitors and measures its environmental performance and has established voluntary environmental numeric goals, in order to track and improve its environmental performance, including energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste management.
  • TRS Vibes sets voluntary environmental goals to achieve positive results associated with their significant environmental aspects, including energy conservation, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste management.
  • TRS Vibes publicly discloses the results associated with its voluntary environmental goals and other environmental aspects of our management system.
  • TRS Vibes trains its respective employees who are responsible for the monitoring, measuring, and/or reporting of its environmental performance.
  • Audits and self-assessments of TRS Vibes Management System are conducted on a periodic basis to provide assurance to the company that it is effectively implemented and to determine if the system is operating as designed; also to provide information for Management Reviews, in order to determine the capability of the system in achieving TRS Vibes environmental objectives & targets.
  • TRS Vibes cascades these same requirements onto its own suppliers, who perform work material to the services supplied to TRS Vibes.

Environmental Policy

At TRS Vibes, we have established an environmental policy in order to reduce our impact on the environment, in all areas, each and every year.

The basic principles we adhere to are:

  • Reduction of energy consumption in all areas by eliminating waste – equipment is switched on only when needed
  • Purchase of low energy systems that deliver the required performance
  • Replacement of old equipment for newer more efficient systems
  • Maximize the effective use of each system
  • Reduce chemicals with Environmental impact
  • Encourage the use of public transport for business journeys, where possible
  • Encourage our suppliers to take appropriate measures and policies to protect and improve the environment
  • Encourage all employees to examine the possibility of acquiring energy from “green sources and equipment”

Moreover, we strive to continuously improve our Environment Management Systems performance by utilizing practices that protect both the employees and the environment, including reducing the quantity of emissions, developing opportunities for recycling and pollution prevention, as well as using paper, energy, and other resources more efficiently.

TRS Vibes will continually develop, review and monitor its environmental aspects to set objectives and targets in conjunction with legal frameworks.

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