As manufacturing companies are expanding globally, a specialized translation partner plays a critical role in communicating every message accurately and on time. Potential customers prefer to speak their own language, their country’s language.

TRS Vibes has long experience in translating highly complex technical material in virtually all languages. Our processes, from communication and assignments, to quality assurance and feedback along with the use of technology and human expertise are the key to success and ensure a consistent voice throughout your translated material.
Our linguists are highly experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge and proven technical jargon. All of them hold degrees in engineering and related sciences which is almost mandatory for a perfect result.

We cover a wide variety of categories and documents, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • Industrial/Construction/Engineering Equipment
  • Consumer Equipment and Goods
  • Shipping and Marine
  • Energy and Environmental Technology
  • Patents


  • Technical Specifications
  • Operating Instructions
  • Manuals
  • Installation Guides
  • Product Catalogs
  • eLearning/Training Materials
  • Marketing Material
  • Websites

Don’t put your brand name and sales at risk.
WE DELIVER accurate translations on time, every time. Put your trust in TRS Vibes.

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