Every company has its own way of communication - its own dictionary for the products and services offered.

Whether the content refers to manuals or technical documentation and help, terminology is a key factor that ensures consistency throughout your translation material. Proper terminology is the first step to a quality translation and can consequently boost your brand image worldwide.

TRS Vibes can help you by creating specific terminology databases, translation memories and style guides, either from scratch or from already approved material. A thorough research is carried out before the final signoff. As such, old content can be efficiently combined with the updated one and time and costs are reduced to a minimum.
Our expertise in a wide range of areas, combined with our compliance with the current terminology industry standards, is a key to success when highly technical projects are involved. Inconsistent and incomplete terminology in content may have an adverse effect on the usability of a software product and may consequently lead to negative publicity.

We, at TRS Vibes, understand the need for consistent translations between versions and, depending on your requirements, can provide the best possible solution for terminology management and glossary development.

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