Localization services


You have developed a high-tech software solution. Are you ready to expand and sell it into the global market?
TRS Vibes has extensive experience in providing software localization services to any business who wants to maximize its ROI by going global.
Software Localization is not an easy process - we make it simple by following specific rules thanks to our experience gained over the years. In fact, software localization can start along with the development of the source language product, as many companies prefer simultaneous shipment worldwide. In this way time is saved and profit is maximized.

Our dedicated team of project managers, engineers, linguists and DTP specialists will meticulously process each and every step of the localization process focusing on the preparation of a high-quality end product ready for shipment in the global market.

Glossaries, Graphical User Interfaces, online/software help files (whether chm or hlp), dialog boxes, hot keys and accented characters, numbering formats, currencies and many more features have to be adapted perfectly, in order to conform with the cultural norms and local regulations and standards. As a result, the user has the feeling that the initial software product was designed for the local market.


A website is the first - sometimes the last - means of creating a positive impression for the goods and services offered by your company to potential customers worldwide. Convert these leads. Maximize your profit, go global!

TRS Vibes understands the need for globalization and can perfectly assist you by assigning a specialized team of engineers and linguists to localize your web content into several languages.

From pure static and multimedia text to screenshots, images and graphics, everything that needs to be localized will be processed, while rigorously adhering to each country’s linguistic cultural habits and local rules and regulations. Be assured that the outcome will be nothing less than perfection.

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