Interpretation services

Interpretation is an extremely difficult task. It requires great skills and dexterity that can be acquired through extensive practice and experience. A wrong interpretation may have serious implications, such as inaccurate conclusions and mislead financial decisions. Due to the nature of this job, there is no room for error. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the act of interpretation should be accomplished with patience, in an impartial manner and correct perspective.

TRS Vibes has a pool of specialized interpreters with an in-depth knowledge of the subject areas. They have extensive experience in fields like legal, business, sports, technology, finance, life-sciences and are fluent in both source and target languages.
Whether your company requires consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, TRS Vibes will assist you by assigning the right professionals for every task.

In consecutive interpretation, the source language speaker pauses regularly, so that the interpreter can render the message in the target language. The interpreter usually takes quick notes or memorizes the source sentence. This kind of interpretation is usually bi-directional and takes place in meetings, courts, tours, negotiations, workshops, briefings and press conferences.

In simultaneous interpretation, the source language speaker is not interrupted while speaking. The interpreter listens and renders the message in the target language as the source language person speaks. This is an extremely difficult task that requires a lot of concentration from the interpreter. Excellent knowledge of the source and target language is required, along with in-depth knowledge of the subject area and terminology. This kind of interpretation usually takes place in meetings and conferences and requires two professionals; due to the intensity of the process, they usually swap every 30 minutes.

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